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There is no single answer to this question. There are many reasons for many people. The cut throat competition for entry in premier Indian institutes and the frustrations linked with the ever increasing quotas. The mushrooming of B ,C and even D grade professional institutes who charge a hefty fee promising the moon but deliver very little. The opening op of the globe for Indians and a desire to be a part of the global scenario with a global education combining the best of the east and the west. And more. Whatever be your reason the best time is now .The costs of study at government funded and public institutions abroad compares very favorably as compared to some of the fancy private colleges in India and the funding opportunities by way of scholarships, bank loans and work opportunities in the host countries are aplenty. So the time to apply is now.
It is only as expensive as you think it is. Actually while it may appear expensive to you by Indian standards , most of the institutes and Universities that Asia World Education represents are public and fully or partially government funded and are very affordable by international standards. They also offer generous bursaries and work placements for many courses which help you recover some of the costs.
What you should keep in mind is the quality of the course and the standing of the institute or the University in that country. That is what will matter in the long term for creating a world class career for you. AWE offers courses in some of the best public and private institutions in Canada, Ireland and U.K. so that your success has a well recognized foundation.
You can reach out to your own funds or get a bank loan for studying abroad.
Of course. You can work on Campus and off campus part time during your studies and full time during your vacations. Besides these there are student assistantships and partial scholarships and bursaries available to students. Some programs have a built in paid work component (co-op).
As mentioned, UG education is the foundation of all future higher education and achievement. The exposure that you get studying in a top international institution with students from dozens of other nations is unparalleled and the experience unbeatable. Besides this the quality of education, especially in science courses, that you have studying in a developed country like Canada or Ireland is very, very difficult to match.
Yes! Canada and Ireland allow you to work for up to two years after you graduate. This work experience goes a long way towards giving you valuable international exposure and income.
If you are already a graduate you have the opportunity of doing a Masters degree in Business, Computing and Engineering in one year thereby saving you valuable time and expense. What’s more you can do a Masters In Computing even if you are from a non computing background in two years.
You must have passed class 12 with at least a good second division. You will require at least 65 per cent + marks to be eligible for any financial aid. You also need to have at least a 6 band in the IELTS exam. Good grades in Maths are required for Engineering courses.