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Dublin City University

Dublin City University (DCU) is Ireland's University of Enterprise. Situated on an 85 acre campus, DCU has grown rapidly in scale and performance since being established as a university in 1989. DCU prides itself on delivering excellence across all of its activities. You can go anywhere from here!

Dublin City University (DCU) is a young and vibrant university. With a student population of almost 11,500, DCU has close to 2,000 non-Irish students from 115 different countries.

Unconventional by nature, DCU broke with the traditional mould and introduced new approaches into the Irish education system. With a focus on enterprise and a determination to hold the position as Ireland's most innovative and market-driven university, DCU has created a unique position for itself in Ireland.

The University prides itself on the DCU Student Experience, with the University commended for the quality of the learning experience and the friendliness of the campus. Our aim is

to ensure that each student who studies at DCU receives personalised attention and every opportunity to develop themselves academically, professionally and personally.

  • DCU at a Glance
  • Ireland's University of Enterprise offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees of the highest international quality, research opportunities in technology,
    engineering, business, communications, humanities, science and health, and study abroad placements
  • Globally recognised centre of academic excellence in education and research with several national centres of excellence
  • Sunday Times University of the Year 2010
  • DCU Graduate Attributes Programme gives students a unique opportunity to develop a distinct set of skills and competencies
  • Employment relevant, innovative and interdisciplinary programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level produce highly regarded graduates for the new global workplace
  • Integrated work placement programme (INTRA) and study abroad opportunities offered by our global network of partner universities
  • Active and rewarding campus experience with excellent student life, sports and leisure facilities
  • Invent - a state of the art Innovation and Enterprise Centre that promotes research and encourages entrepreneurship
  • All-round student support with excellent student life
  • International scholarship scheme at undergraduate and postgraduate level

Under Graduate / Post Graduate Courses available in following disciplines.

  • Undergraduate Programmes
  • Engineering and computing
  • Science and health
  • Dcu business school
  • Faculty of humanities and social sciences
  • Institute of education
  • Royal irish academy of music
  • Open education

  • Postgraduate Courses
  • Engineering and computing
  • Science and health
  • Dcu business school
  • Faculty of humanities and social sciences
  • Open education

For more Information Contact : +91 - 9891884822, 9899819020